My Beauty Subscription – Mask Box August 2018

Ah, sheet masks! It seems most people either love them, or they don’t know what sheet masks are. (GASP!) It’s time to review this month’s Mask Box!

Disclaimer: I now have affiliate links. If you click on a link or ad and you buy something, I may get a small commission at no cost to you. Also, as always, this post is not sponsored.

What is Mask Box?

Mask Box, sheet masks, skincare, Asian skincare, subscription

Mask Box is a monthly subscription service that sends sheet masks to your post box every month. There’s a couple of different plans to choose from. My subscription was a gift from my roommate. For $12 a month, I get 3 sheet masks from various Korean skincare companies delivered in the mail. Not bad, eh?

If you’re interested, you can get a Mask Box subscription here.

So, what masks did you get this month?

This month I got a set of three masks from a company called Naisture. Looking closely at the package, their name seems to be derived from combining the words “nature” and “moisture.”

This is a Korean skincare company that I have heard of before, but I have never tried any of their products. Turns out, they make more than sheet masks, but that’s what I’ll review since that’s what I got.

Naisture, sheet masks, Co Q10, Fresh Aloe, Collagen, Mask Box
August’s trio of sheet masks from Naisture.

My Mask Box subscription focuses on anti-aging, so I usually get masks that target wrinkles, dullness, firmness, and hydration. The masks in this box have ingredients meant to tackle all of these woes. They all seem to have the same blurb on the front, with individual mask descriptions on the back. All three masks claim to contain more essence, but more essence than what? We may never know…

15minutes: Mask Pack Fresh Aloe

Naisture, sheet masks, 15 minutes, Fresh Aloe, Mask Box

According to the back of the package, this mask soothes tired and irritated skin. That’s really all the English description of this mask says. Short, sweet, and to the point.

Naisture, sheet masks, 15 minutes, Fresh Aloe, Mask Box

15minutes: Mask Pack Elastic Q10

Naisture, sheet masks, 15 minutes, mask pack, Elastic Q10, Mask Box

The description on this mask says that Coenzyme Q10 reduces the formation of oxidative stress of environmental factors and aging, making the skin look more firm and resilient. I’ll take skin that looks more firm and resilient.

Naisture, sheet masks, 15 minutes, mask pack, Elastic Q10, Mask Box

15minutes: Mask Pack Revital Collagen

Naisture, sheet masks, 15 minutes, mask pack, Revital Collagen, Mask Box

This one says that marine collagen, extracted from the ocean, provides nutrition and moisture to the skin, leaving it moisturized and more youthful. We’ll see.

Naisture, sheet masks, 15 minutes, mask pack, Revital Collagen, Mask Box

So, what did you think of these masks?

I tried the Fresh Aloe sheet mask since I had to know if this brand was worth the money. (I tried one of June’s sheet masks and was not impressed. Of course, I forgot to take photos for an update.)

There was a lot of essence in the pack with this mask. I usually like to shake and squish the package before I open it to make sure the whole mask is soaked with essence. I would like to note that there was no extra plastic backing sheets packed in with the mask.

Naisture, sheet masks, 15 minutes, mask pack, Fresh Aloe, Mask Box
Look at all that sheet masky goodness in there! Definitely contains a lot of essence.

This brand uses a thick, but soft, cotton for its masks. I’m not usually a fan of thick sheet masks because if the material is not soft enough, it won’t cling to the skin the way it should to deliver the essence to your face. Fortunately, this thick sheet mask is nice and soft. It clung to my face pretty well and was fairly easy to smooth out.

Naisture, sheet masks, 15 minutes, mask pack, Fresh Aloe, cotton, Mask Box
The thick cotton of this sheet mask is soft and soaked in Fresh Aloe essence.

The fit of this mask isn’t bad, either. The nose flap is a little short, but the width and length of this mask fit my face pretty well. I had a little trouble getting the mask to lay flat against the left side of my nose, but that was fixed with a bit of gentle adjustment.

Naisture, sheet masks, 15 minutes, mask pack, Self care, skin care, Mask Box
Not a bad fit. This mask clings to my face pretty well for how thick a sheet mask it is.

It has a very slight, fresh scent. I liked it. If you are super sensitive to fragrance in your skincare, you might have an issue with this. After a few minutes I didn’t even notice the scent anymore.

Admittedly, I left this on closer to 20 minutes. I had a timer set for 15 minutes, but this mask was juicy enough that I felt leaving it on a few more minutes couldn’t hurt.

After I took the mask off, there was quite a bit of essence on my face and still in the mask. I rubbed the wadded up mask over my neck, chest, and the backs of my hands. I figured those parts could also use some Fresh Aloe moisture. Then I lightly patted the residual essence into my face, neck and chest.

Ah! Freshly unmasked, hydrated, and almost glowing. I could get used to this. =)

I have to admit, my skin did feel quite nice after using the fresh aloe sheet mask. It had a slight cooling effect, and my skin did seem plump and moisturized. I dermaplaned my face before I used this mask, and it did seem to help with the redness and irritation I sometimes have afterward.

Would you buy these masks if they didn’t come in a subscription box?

I think I want to try the other two masks before I make a final decision on that. I did really like the Fresh Aloe mask, and would recommend that one. Most of the Naisture sheet masks seem to be available in packs of 10 on Amazon for less than $10, so it’s not an expensive splurge.

If you’re someone who likes sheet masks that are soft, thick, and soaked in plenty of essence, I would recommend you give these a try and see if you like them for yourself!

Do you love sheet masks? Hate them? Maybe you’re a little sheet mask curious? Let’s chat about our sheet mask loves and hates, and get some answers to your sheet mask questions in the comments below!

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