Stays Put! Best Waterproof Mascara and Concealer That I’ve Found

Sometimes, only a stay-put, no-budge, waterproof concealer and mascara will do.

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Waterproof? Budge-proof? Really?

Whether your under eyes are really oily, you have allergies, or you’re prone to weeping at sad movies, holiday commercials, or cute animal videos, I have a couple of items you may be interested in.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last posted.

I haven’t been myself lately… As you may know, I recently lost someone very dear to me. I am currently in mourning and prone to crying at any given time. (Grief is a hell of a thing. One moment I’m fine, the next I’m a weeping, blubbering mess.) So, when I’ve had to go out and about I’ve needed to wear makeup that can last through sweat and tears. (It’s October, but it’s still freakin’ HOT in Texas.)

More than ever, makeup has been part of my armor this past month. I have had to pull myself together enough to go to job clubs, job fairs, going away parties, karaoke gatherings, career training program appointments, and other social engagements, all while grieving. While the makeup doesn’t hide the sadness, it does help me feel more normal.

However, I am still prone to crying at the drop of a hat. ANY hat. I need to be sure that after the tears are dried, I am not a streaky, smeary, raccoon-eyed mess.

So, what are these wonder products you mention?

The two items I’ve been using were already in my makeup collection and are both available at the drugstore.

The first wonder product is the Nyx Gotcha Covered Waterproof Concealer. I picked this up on clearance at Ulta, however it is still available here. (Nyx may be cutting this concealer from their lineup, so if you want it, you should definitely get it.)

Nyx Gotcha Covered Waterproof concealer
Nyx Gotcha Covered Waterproof concealer. I use this in the shade Soft Ivory. Seems a little thick at first, but thins out to give very nice coverage.

This concealer comes out of the squeeze tube thick, but a tiny bit goes a long way. I find putting a tiny dot of this concealer on the back of my hand then rubbing it with my ring finger warms it up and thins it out. Gotcha Covered applies and blends out beautifully with just fingers. It also goes on thin enough not to look cakey or settle into fine lines under the eyes while covering dark circles.

The second wonder product is L’Oreal’s Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof, available here, at Ulta, and in most drugstores. This one should be no surprise. Just about everyone in the beauty world seems to love this mascara.

L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Waterproof mascara
Ah, Lash Paradise! So black. So lashy. So good at staying on my lashes when I cry.

I like this formula because it makes my lashes lovely, dark, full, and long, all without clumping up my lashes like other waterproof mascaras I have tried. It’s not too wet, not too dry. It has a bushy bristle brush instead of a molded silicone brush, which I find does a better job of coating my lashes.

It does require an oil based cleanser to remove, but I don’t see that as a bad thing. That’s part of what helps it stand up to a few tears. (Okay, maybe a lot of tears.)

When you say “a lot of tears,” what are we talking about?

I’m talking everything from a few tears rolling down my cheeks to full-on ugly cry. This concealer and mascara really STAY PUT! Admittedly, part of the secret to keeping the mascara and concealer looking good is to gently DAB away the tears, not wipe. (Trust me, I’ve gotten good at this recently.)

Mascara concealer side by side L’Oreal Lash Paradise Nyx Gotcha Covered
The top photo is my eyes at the beginning of a day where I only got about 4 hours sleep the night before. Looking pretty bright, right? The bottom photo is my eyes at the end of that very long 14-hour day full of driving, unemployment workshops, assessment tests, and no less than two bouts of crying, one of which was an ugly cry in my car. Looks a little rough, but my mascara and concealer are still hanging in there.

This has been my preferred duo lately for keeping my face looking decent after a cry fest. If you have trouble with your mascara and concealer staying put, then I highly recommend you try these.

Do you have a favorite product or two that keeps you looking decent after a good cry? Maybe you have a good method for putting yourself back together on the go? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

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