About Me

Hi! I’m Meresankh3012 of Wrinkles & War Paint. I’m a woman in my mid-40’s who is into makeup, skincare, bellydance, cats, and a few other things. This is my blog about those things.

For skincare and makeup things, here’s a bit more info: I’m a pale (MAC NW13, Maybelline 112 Natural Ivory) greying redhead, with freckles, combo normal/oily skin (oily down the center, normal everywhere else), with a bit of large pores, texture, and a few wrinkles and crinkles. I’ve never had any “work” done (like Botox or fillers), and I don’t plan to.

Here’s my personal disclaimer: I am NOT a makeup artist, nor do I have any professional beauty training. I’m just a makeup & skincare enthusiast (read “makeup junkie”) who wants to share her insights, experiences, and recommendations. Your mileage may vary.