Spotted in the Wild: JUMBO Milani Make It Last Setting Spray

A great drugstore setting spray now in an economical extra-large size!

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I love a good setting spray!

I especially love a good setting spray at a great price. Of all the setting sprays I have used, both drugstore and higher end, the Milani Make It Last is one of my favorites.

The Make It Last setting spray helps meld my foundation, concealer, and powder together, takes away any dry powdery look, fixes my makeup, and actually helps make my makeup last. It has a light, non-descript scent, and the sprayer is quite fine.

The Milani Make It Last spray regularly retails at $8.00 (USD) for a 2 ounce (60ml) bottle. That’s actually a fair price for a great setting spray, and the 2 ounce size is good for traveling. However, that little bottle seems to run out pretty fast with regular use.

Milani, Milani Cosmetics, setting spray, Make It Last, fixing spray, Milani Make It Last, makeup, beauty, big setting spray
Shown here is the 6 oz. economy sized Milani Make It Last setting spray next to the 2oz. original sized setting spray.

O.M.G. It’s just so… BIG!

So, the other day I was strolling the beauty aisle of my local grocery store when I found the biggest bottle of Make It Last setting spray I have ever seen! It looks just like the 2 ounce bottle except in JUMBO size! It even has the same sprayer as the original size bottle.

Milani, Milani Cosmetics, setting spray, Make It Last, fixing spray, Milani Make It Last, makeup, beauty, big setting spray
See! Both the big bottle and the little bottle have the same sprayer. Same sprayer, same fine mist spray.

Watch out! Here come the size and price comparisons!

It contains 6 ounces (177ml) for $15.00 (USD)! That comes out to $2.50 per ounce, for those of you keeping track at home. The regular size bottle is $4.00 per ounce. If you bought three of the regular size bottles, that same 6 ounces would cost you $24.00 (USD).

For perspective, the Morphe Continuous Setting Mist retails at $16.00 (USD) for 2.8 ounces (82.8ml), which comes to $5.71 per ounce. Urban Decay’s ever-popular All Nighter Setting Spray retails at $33.00 (USD) for 4 ounces (120ml), coming out to $8.23 per ounce.

Milani, Milani Cosmetics, setting spray, Make It Last, fixing spray, Milani Make It Last, makeup, beauty, big setting spray, Urban Decay, All Nighter,
Just for size comparison, the Milani Make It Last 6 oz. next to the 4oz. Urban Decay B6 spray (I don’t have the All Nighter), next to the original 2.3 oz. Make It Last setting spray.

Go big and go home!

Of course I picked it up! To be honest, I probably don’t need another bottle of setting spray. Since I found it on an end cap with other holiday beauty goodies, I was afraid the jumbo size bottle might be a limited time thing. So, into my shopping bag it went without a second thought.

Good news, everyone!

I decided to go on Milani’s site to see what the status of this big, beautiful bottle was. If I’m reading the site correctly, this big boy is a permanent addition to Milani’s lineup. It’s definitely available on Milani’s site, as well as in stores. However, I’m not sure which stores will be carrying the extra large bottles of Make It Last besides my local grocery store.

If you like this setting spray and you see this giant bottle out in the Wild, be sure to pick one up!

Have you seen this jumbo sized setting spray in a store near you? Do you plan on getting one? Do you think more setting sprays should be offered in an economy size? Let’s chat about it in the comments below!

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