Dupe in the Wild: Blotterazzi Doppelganger

Spotted in the wild: a dupe for the Beauty Blender Blotterazzi

Move over, Beauty Blender! There’s a new dupe in town.

In my city we have a store called Sam Moon. It is THE place to go for shiny, sparkly things of all sorts. I have been known to go shopping there with a heavily sequinned bellydance bra in hand so I can find just the right color of costume jewellery to go with it.

You want affordable jewellery to wear everyday or for special occaions? Sam Moon has ’em! You want sparkly, gaudy purses of all shapes and sizes? Sam Moon has ’em! You want rhinestone belts in all makes and models? Sam Moon has ’em! You want interesting clothing and shoes you probably can’t find anywhere else? Sam Moon has ’em!

Sam Moon also has a modest selection of K-beauty products. Some are from brands I’ve heard of, like Elizavecca. Some are not. They also have a selection of beauty tools – brushes, sponges, blenders…

That’s when I saw it. The Blotterazzi dupe. It had a hard, white, pearlized, plastic, hinged teardrop-shaped case with mirror and two flat, pink, teardrop shaped sponges inside. It was $4.99! Considering that the real Blotterazzi goes for between $14.99 and $20.00, this was a steal!

Beauty Blender Blotterazzi dupe. Bad lighting, but nice case.
Inside is a mirror and two sponges with plastic separator.
The case has vents in the back to allow air flow into it.

I bought it, of course.

Now, since I do not own the original Blotterazzi, I can’t really tell you how this $5 version from Fanta Sea Cosmetics compares. I can only tell you if it actually works.

The idea behind the Blotterazzi is to have a way to blot oils from your face without having to use blotting paper or powder, and without disturbing your makeup. The sponges in the Blotterazzi are supposed to be washable and reusable, so you can feel better about not creating extra trash in your quest for shine-free beauty.

I haven’t blotted my face all day. So shiny!

I have used this compact a few times while out and about. The mirror is a good size for checking your face and re-applying your lipstick. The sponges do a good job of soaking up excess oils without picking up too much foundation from my face or moving my makeup around.

Time to blot using the Fanta Sea blotting sponge.
No more shine!
There’s a little makeup on this sponge, but I did use it a few times before this. I didn’t notice that my makeup had been lifted too much.

What I notice with these sponges is that eventhough they do help blot up my facial oils, I feel like I get oily sooner after using these than I do when I use my Up & Up blotting sheets.

I’m willing to keep using these blotting sponges to see how they fare with various foundations and powders. So far, I do like them, and I like not creating more trash in my efforts to be shine-free. I will update later after I have washed these sponges to let you know how well they hold up.

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