Kiss Beautiful Eyes Cat-Eye Stamp & Style

It’s an eyeliner pen! It’s an instant cat-eye maker! It makes winged eyeliner looks a snap! Can you use this if you’re over 40?

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Wing stamps in the wild

Kiss Beautiful Eyes Cat-Eye Stamp & Style eyeliner pen. Kiss doesn’t just do false lashes anymore!

So, I’ve seen several different winged liner pens appear on various beauty gurus’ videos over the past few months. I feel pretty confident about my winged liner game, so I never bothered to order any of the pens or doodads those gurus featured. Then I saw one in the wild. Affordable. Within easy reach. For less than $10.00. So, of course I bought it.

Instant winged liner at my fingertips

My local grocery store has a pretty good makeup aisle over all. They always have coupons of some sort for the various brands, so I sometimes bet a better deal on makeup there than I would at Ulta. (Sorry, Ulta. I love my points, but I love saving money on makeup more!)

In addition to a pretty darn good selection of false lashes, they also have some makeup items from Kiss. One of those being the Kiss Beautiful Eyes Cat-Eye Stamp & Style eyeliner pen. (Buy it here:

I, personally, am a fan of eyeliner pens. They make it easy for me to draw on a winged liner look. I find then so much easier to use than liquid liner that has a brush tip applicator. My hands have never been steady enough to get my liner on straight with those.

Presto Stamp-o!

Images on the cap show you which end is which.

This liner has a triangle shaped stamp on one end, and a fat marker-like tip on the other. I don’t mind a fat marker tip on my eyeliner pens. (I was sad when Essence discontinued their I Heart Punk Jumbo Eyeliner Pen.) Both ends are fed by the well of black eyeliner in the pen.

Fat marker-like tip for lining your eyes.
Pointed stamp end for easily putting wings on your eyes.
What the liquid liner in this pen stamp looks like on the skin. So dark, so inky…

The instructions say to prep your eye with primer, put on your shadow (if desired). Use the stamp end at the outer corner of the eye and press onto the skin. Use the pen end along the lash line to complete the liner look.

Sounds simple. But is it?

The idea of a cat-eye winged liner stamp sounds awesome! No more struggling to get your wings even and symmetrical. This stamp sounds great if you don’t have hooded eyes or wrinkles at the outer corner. The thing is, as you get older, your eyes start changing.

So, my question is as a woman over 40 with hooded eyes and the beginnings of crow’s feet, will this stamp pen make winged liner easier for me?

The answer is yes… and no.

Because I’m in my mid-40’s, my eyelids have become a bit hooded. That means that when I do winged eyeliner, part of that wing ends up in my crease. At least, it does if I want my wings to point upward. Usually, I would line my eyeliner pen up with the outer corner of my lower lash line and gently press the side of the tip against my skin to get a guide for my wing.

The stamp end of this eyeliner works well as a guide for my wing. I find placing the lower point of the wide end of the stamp at the outer corner of my eye and making sure the lower edge lines up with my lower lash line helps my wing go on in the right place. It’s pretty easy to use. The key is to make sure to keep you eyes open, and relax your eyes and eyebrows when you use it. If your eyebrows are raised, that changes where your wings end up when you relax your eyebrows.

Now, could I just stamp on my wings and go? No. The wing stamp goes on a bit patchy and needs to be touched up. If you have hooded eyes like I do, then you will need to close your eyes and fill in the gaps in your wing so they look solid whenever you are looking down.

Fortunately, the pen end of this eyeliner is really easy to use. This tip is very much like a magic marker. If you don’t like liner pens with thick tips, you may not like this. I like it. The line goes on very dark and black, and it dries down quickly.

This liner also stays put until you take it off. My eyes sometimes tend to water (stoopid allergies…), and this stayed put even with me gently rubbing at the edge of my eyes.

So, would you buy it again?

Yeah, I would buy this again. I hadn’t used any products from Kiss except lashes, and this eyeliner stamp pen was better than I expected. It does help make winged eyeliner easy(er) even if you have hooded eyes, and it stays put really well, even though it doesn’t really claim to be waterproof. The liner is deep and black, dries quickly, and wears well throughout the day.

If you have been wanting to pick up an eyeliner stamp to get your winged liner game on point, this is a good, affordable option.

Have you used an eyeliner stamp? Did you like it? Do you find it makes winged liner easier or harder? Tell me about your eyeliner stamp experiences below!

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