Is It Any Good? Nyx Sweet Chateau Slip Tease Lip Vault (with Lots of Photos!)

When I saw this Slip Tease Full Color Lip Oil set from Nyx, I just had to have it! Now to find out if it’s worth the money…

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What is it?

To finish out Lip Love December (is that a thing? I guess it’s a thing now…) I wanted to review the Nyx Sweet Chateau Slip Tease Lip Vault. It is a selection of 12 mid-sized Slip Tease Full Color Lip Oils in new, limited edition colors created exclusively for their Sugar Rush collection. Each mid-size tube contains 0.05 fl. Oz. (1.6ml) of lip color and has a doe foot applicator. (For comparison, the full-size Slip Tease lip oils contain 0.13 fl. Oz. [4ml] of product.)

If you haven’t tried Nyx’s Slip Tease lip oil products yet, they are definitely worth a try. They are very lightweight, have great pigmentation, dry down to a matte finish, and wear away gracefully leaving a wash of color on the lips. I own three of the original Slip Tease shades: Bang Bang, Fire Dancer, and I Woke Up Like This.

Nyx Slip Tease Full Color Lip Oil, Bang Bang, Fire Dancer, I Woke Up Like This
Here are the three full-size Slip Tease lip oils I own: Bang Bang (top left), a lovely brick rose shade; Fire Dancer (top right), a deep, dark vampy red; and I Woke Up like This (bottom left), a neutral nude that I can actually wear and still look like I have lips.

Description of Slip Tease from the Nyx website:

Give your lips the slip with our new Slip Tease Full Color Lip Oil. Don’t be fooled by how lightweight and luxurious it feels. This rule-breaking lip oil comes in 12 pigment-rich shades! Each hue glides on silky-smooth and sets to satin-matte finish that is strikingly vibrant.

The description for the Sweet Chateau lip vault is very similar. Again from the Nyx website:

Wrap up our limited-edition Sweet Château Slip Tease Lip Vault right now! This giftable collection features 12 mid-size Slip Tease Full Color Lip Oils in a stunning range of all-new shades—including bright coral, cool violet and deep teal, just to name a few. Each knockout hue feels luxuriously light, but packs your pout with serious pigment. From the silky-smooth texture to the satin-matte finish, you’ll probably end up wanting to keep all of these kissable colors for yourself.

I am totally keeping these babies for myself. You might notice that there is quite a variety of shades in this collection. I have to admit that I bought it mainly for the purple and teal lip oil shades. I don’t know what it is about teal lip stick that I love so much…

A note about application

These are not like regular matte liquid lipsticks. The formula tends to be thinner, and there is some transfer until it finally sets. Going ham with the application can lead to a very messy situation.

I find that with the Slip Tease lip oils it’s much better to dab a little product on my lips and then spread it around with my finger or a lip brush, than to try to apply it like I would a liquid lipstick. I seem to have much more control of where the color goes with the dab & spread method of application.

Nyx Sweet Chateau Slip Tease Lip Vault application tips
Dab and spread… that’s my preferred method of application for the Nyx Slip Tease Full Color Lip Oils. Otherwise, I end up looking like I applied my lipstick on a bus with bad shocks on a bumpy road.

There is some color transfer for a bit after you put these lip oils on, but as the color fades during the normal course of wear you end up with a lovely lip stain in most cases.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that your lips are flake-free and well moisturized before you apply these for best results. You will notice in some of the swatch photos that my lips are looking a little crusty. I had chapped lips, and I needed to take swatch photos. I make no apologies.

Enough chatter – show me the swatches!

Anyway, you’re probably wondering what all these colors of lip oil actually look like on the lips. Lucky for you, I have included pictures of what the Sweet Chateau colors look like on my lips. Scroll on to see what I think of each shade.

Fondue Fountain

Nyx Sweet Chateau Slip Tease Lip Vault Fondue Fountain Swatch
Fondue Fountain. This pale shade is a little too peachy toned for me right now.

Fondue Fountain is a pale, peachy nude shade. It’s interesting in that I tried this on a few days before I took this photo and it looked like a great My-Lips-But-Better nude. In this photo, Fondue Fountain looks like a pale, milky, peachy nude that it not quite right on my pale skin.

Candy Hearts

Nyx Sweet Chateau Slip Tease Lip Vault Candy Hearts Swatch
Candy Hearts. The 80’s called… they want their hot pink back.

Candy Hearts is a bright watermelon pink. This color reminds me of the neon shades of the 80’s. I think my best friend and I had matching short and top sets in this color. It’s not quite right on me, but it could be very good for someone with different coloring than mine, or on deeper skin tones.

Strawberry Shake

Nyx Sweet Chateau Slip Tease Lip Vault Strawberry Shake Swatch
Strawberry Shake is a super punchy pink. I think I can almost wear this shade…

Strawberry Shake is another bright pink shade that is deeper than the Candy Hearts shade, but still just as neon. This is a tad more wearable for me, but definitely not a color I reach for. It is a bit more wearable for me if I do the Dab & Spread method of application (as I did here) rather than going all over my lip with the applicator.

Tangerine Tango

Nyx Sweet Chateau Slip Tease Lip Vault Tangerine Tango Swatch
OMG… it’s just so… ORANGE. I can’t decide if I like this one on me or not.

Tangerine Tango is ORANGE. I mean really orange. Going back to the 80’s again, there was a time when orange lipstick was having a moment. I think this is supposed to be the coral shade mentioned on the Nyx website. This is definitely a summer color for me. What I find interesting about this one is that I really didn’t care for this color on my lips IRL, but it actually looks pretty good in this photo.

Spoonful of Sweet

Nyx Sweet Chateau Slip Tease Lip Vault Spoonful of Sweet Swatch
Blue-based purples are a challenge to wear for most people. I like this, but I’m not so sure it likes me.

Spoonful of Sweet is a lovely lavender shade. Definitely on the blue side of purple (violet), so it can be a challenge to wear. Some non-traditional lip colors like this can be streaky upon application, but this one is not. The trick to wearing this one is to just own it, and maybe pair it with a fairly subdued eye look.

Cherry On Top

Nyx Sweet Chateau Slip Tease Lip Vault Cherry on Top Swatch
This shade is so glam! I do love a classic red lip. 💗

Cherry On Top is a bright, true red. If you want a red lip color that will announce to the room that you have arrived, this one is it! This shade of red just screams glamour. I actually wore this shade for a Bellydance thing recently, I liked it that much. I think this would look great on just about everyone.

Sugar Overload

Nyx Sweet Chateau Slip Tease Lip Vault Sugar Overload Swatch
Bright, yet deep, berry/fuchsia! Not a shade I normally reach for, but I can see this working for a few different looks.

Sugar Overload is a pretty fuchsia color. Bright yet dark at the same time, this color wanders over in to berry territory. If you’re doing a cool-toned look, this shade could be a lovely compliment to that look. I think this would look stunning on deeper skin tones as well.


Nyx Sweet Chateau Slip Tease Lip Vault Cinnamoney Swatch
Orangey brown, or brownish orange? Doesn’t matter. In person, this one looked like baby poop on me. =(

Cinnamoney is an interesting orange/brown shade. Honestly, it is not a flattering shade on me. You’re probably thinking that it looks alright in the photo. Trust me, in person it was not pretty. However, if you have different coloring than me, you may be able to rock this color of lip oil.

Mystery Flavor

Nyx Sweet Chateau Slip Tease Lip Vault Mystery Flavor Swatch
Did I just take some melted chocolate and smear it on my lips? No, but don’t tempt me…

Mystery Flavor is a deep, chocolate brown. And I mean chocolate. I think it looks like I used Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup as a lip stick. Definitely not a keeper for me. However, if you are an Ebony Goddess, this shade might look amazing on you.

Something About Berry

Nyx Sweet Chateau Slip Tease Lip Vault Something About Berry Swatch
Ooooooooooh… so pretty! This really should be called “That Dark Red Lipstick I Wore Through Most Of College.”

Something About Berry is probably my favorite shade in this lip vault. The name says “berry,” but this reads more like a deep red, almost burgundy, on me. I have always had a soft spot for burgundy lipsticks. This is probably going to end up living in my purse until spring. Again, I think this shade would be flattering for most skin tones.

Sugar & Spice

Nyx Sweet Chateau Slip Tease Lip Vault Sugar & Spice Swatch
This red-based purple is so lovely, but so hard to get a good application.

Sugar & Spice is the deep purple shade in this lip vault. Since this purple is red-based, it’s a bit more wearable compared to the Spoonful of Sweet shade. This issue I had with this one is that the application was very streaky. I had a lot of trouble getting this one on evenly. I really want to love it, but the application issue makes it hard. I will give it another try, but this one may end up in my Give to Friends bag. Side note: if you have a deeper skin tone and can get this one to work for you, I think it would be gorgeous!

Plush Pop

Nyx Sweet Chateau Slip Tease Lip Vault Plush Pop Swatch
So deep, so dark, so teal… so pretty. Teal lipstick, why am I so infatuated with you?

Oh, Plush Pop, you’re so pretty! This one is a deep, dark teal shade, and it’s not playing around. Unlike Sugar & Spice, this one is not streaky upon application at all. It goes on so nicely. This is definitely full color. My lips were stained a bright, bright pink from the previous five swatches, and this lip oil completely covered it.

Again, this is a hard shade to pull off, but the trick is to just own the look. Honestly, this color is the main reason I bought this lip vault. (It didn’t hurt that Ulta had all NYX lip products 30% off that week, either.)

Would you recommend this lip vault?

Definitely! If you know someone who is a lipstick lover or a makeup enthusiast, especially someone who likes to try out interesting or unconventional lip colors, this would be an awesome gift. The formula is nice, the color selection is good for all skin tones, and the price is right. (Heck, by the time this is posted, you might be able to get it for less due to holiday clearance pricing.)

Would you buy it again?

I think I would. For me, it’s worth buying a set like this if I think I can wear at least half the colors in it. There are at least 6 of these I know I will wear, and another couple I want to work with. The rest may end up in my Give To Friends bag, and I’m okay with that. I really like the Slip Tease formula as well, so it’s an easy decision to make.

What makeup gift set do you hope to find under the tree this year? What colors would entice you to pick up this lip vault? Do you love or hate Nyx lip products? Let’s chat about it in the comments below!

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