Beauty Bargain Quickie: L.A. Colors Lip Paint Cubes

A 6-color lip palette that actually fits in my purse? Sure, I’ll try that!

Disclaimer: there is no disclaimer for this post. I couldn’t find a link for this item, so no need for a disclaimer. Enjoy!

I took a little break from blogging, but now I’m back! Looks like December is going to be Lip Month. I have a few lip goodies I’m going to review for you over the next few weeks, so let’s dig in!

Where did you find them?

While at my local grocery store, I was perusing the holiday items and sets in the beauty section. They had a lot of nifty things that could be great stocking stuffers or Secret Santa gifts, and then I spotted them. Small, shiny cubes of colors on the bottom shelf in three color stories. And they were only $2.00 (USD) each!

Do I NEED more lipstick? Gawd, no. Do I WANT more lipstick? ALWAYS.

What did you find?

L.A. Colors, la colors, Lip Paint, Lip cube, lipstick, lip gloss, reds, nudes
L.A. Colors Lip Paint Cubes in Coffee Date (Top), and Date Night (Bottom).

What I found were the L.A. Colors Lip Paint Cube palettes. If you’re not familiar with the brand, L.A. Colors is a budget brand that is usually sold at places like Wal-Mart, dollar stores, and apparently grocery stores.

Like most lower-end budget brands, products from L.A. Colors can be hit or miss. Lip products usually tend to be a safe bet if you want to give a bargain brand a try. After all, it’s pretty hard to mess up a basic lipstick.

What do these lip palettes look like?

These Lip Paint Cubes are really pretty. I only bought two out the the three color stories that were available. I don’t really wear a lot of bright pink lipstick, so I decided to pass on that one.

The packaging is plastic with a black bottom and a clear top that has metallic printing on it. When you open the palette, you find the lipsticks are in the lid, and the bottom has a decent mirror and a lip brush in its own little compartment. That is nice since you don’t have to worry about having a separate lip brush, or putting your dirty fingers into the product.

L.A. Colors, la colors, Lip Paint, Lip cube, lipstick, lip gloss, nudes
I have a confession… I totally used my fingers to swatch these. But look at how cute and convenient this packaging and the little brush is!

The palette itself is small enough to be purse friendly, even if you prefer to carry a small purse. They could be pocket-friendly if you have rather large pockets. (Does anyone still wear cargo pants?)

I’ve already tried on a couple of the colors before I took any photos. I couldn’t help myself! I do love new lipstick.

What colors are available?

This comes in three color stories: pinks, reds, and nudes. The pink palette is called Girls Night. The red palette is called Date Night. The nude palette is called Coffee Date.

L.A. Colors, la colors, Lip Paint, Lip cube, lipstick, lip gloss, reds, nudes
Swatch time! The Coffee Date palette (nudes) is on the left. The Date Night palette (reds) is on the right. The red palette seems to have more glosses than the nude palette.

(I would put in links for these lip palettes, but there doesn’t seem to be any good links as of this posting. I can’t find them anywhere on the L.A. Colors site. 😳)

So, how do they wear?

Honestly, they wear like a regular bullet lipstick or lip gloss, depending on the finish. Using a lip pencil with these may help the staying power.

If you’re looking for hours of comfortable wear in a $2.00 lip palette, you will be very disappointed. However, if you are looking for a fun and inexpensive palette to expand your lip color options on the go without having to haul half your lipstick collection with you, and you don’t mind reapplying fairly regularly? I think you will like these.

Each palette features 6 coordinating colors, so mixing and matching is super easy. The finishes of the lip colors varies. Some are more of a cream finish lipstick. Some are a full color metallic finish. Some are more of a sheer, glossy finish. It’s easy to figure out which colors are metallic, but it’s a bit more difficult to figure out which colors will have a cream or glossy finish until you put it on.

What do you think about these lip palettes?

I have tried on 3 of the colors in the nude palette. They were comfortable, applied easily with my finger or the lip brush, but wore away fairly quickly. I will say the the metallic colors I tried were beautiful on the lips and very comfortable to wear.

I tried the nude color from the red palette and was pleasantly surprised to find that one was a creamy gloss with a good amount of color. It was easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and left my lips feeling hydrated.

These lip colors do have a light scent to them. To me they smell like light vanilla with a faint note of Crayola crayon underneath. It’s not terrible and it fades very quickly, but if you are sensitive to fragrance in your beauty products, you might want to steer clear of these.

Would you buy these again?

Maybe, if one of these palettes became my everyday go-to lipstick and I managed to use up one or more of the colors, then I think I would.

Really, I have enough lipstick that I probably shouldn’t have bought them to begin with. Thing is, I’m a sucker for a cute lip palette, especially when it’s only $2.00.

Do you like finding beauty gems from budget brands? What’s your makeup kryptonite? Let’s chat about it in the comments below!

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