Lipstick Lovelies: Colourpop Wicked Trick Lip Bundle

The only thing I love more than a good lipstick is a bundle of good lipsticks.

Disclaimer: I now have affiliate links. The links in this post are so you can click over to the product and buy it if you want to, and not every link leads to an affiliate. (See? I’m helping!) If you click on a link or ad and you buy something, I may get a small commission at no cost to you. Also, as always, this post is not sponsored.

I love Colourpop!

It is no secret that I love Colourpop Super Shock Shadows and liquid lippies, especially the Ultra Satin and Ultra Metallic formulas. (Let me state again plainly this post is not sponsored. I’m not even part of their target demographic.) Most of their stuff is great! As of this posting, I have 55 Super Shock Shadows and WAY too many of Colourpop’s lippies.

So about a month or so ago I picked up the Colourpop Wicked Trick Mixed Finish Lip Bundle at my local Ulta. It is a pretty bundle of three liquid lippies in summery, anytime colors. Since this lip trio had colors I was drawn to and did not already own, I figured what the heck!

Colourpop’s Wicked Trick Mixed Finish Lip Bundle. If you’ve been wanting to try some Colourpop liquid lippies, this is a good set to start with.

What finishes are included?

If you are new to Colourpop’s liquid lippies, a mixed finish lip trio is a great way to try their three most popular formulas.

Shades and finishes from top to bottom: Tight Fit Ultra Glossy Lip, Echo Park Ultra Satin Lip, and Top 8 Ultra Matte Lip. Aren’t they lovely?

Colourpop became famous in part because of their Ultra Matte liquid lippies. They dry down quickly, are long wearing, fairly comfortable, and practically transfer proof. The only real issue I have with the Ultra Matte formula is that they usually dry down 1-2 shades darker than they look in the tube. That being said, I can usually wear a Colourpop Ultra Matte liquid lippie for about 4 or 5 hours before I need to put on some lip balm.

The Ultra Satin formula is much more comfortable than the Ultra Matte formula, and the color doesn’t seem to change as much as it dries down. This formula is super easy to apply, and very comfortable on the lips. The Ultra Satin formula does transfer a bit, but the color stays looking good on your lips for hours and fades quite nicely.

The Ultra Glossy formula is lovely. It feels hydrating and comfortable on the lips, has a lot of great shine, and is super easy to wear. The only real down side is that this is a gloss, which means the color wears away quickly and frequent reapplication is necessary. What I like is that my lips still feel good after the glossiness of this formula wears off.

Okay, what about the colors in this trio?

I really like the colors included in this trio. That’s what drew me to this trio. This lip bundle is definitely for people who like rosy terracotta shades of lipstick.

Tight Fit – Ultra Glossy Lip

Colourpop Tight Fit Ultra Glossy lip gloss. I’m wearing it here without any lip liner or primer. So shimmery, so glossy…

This is a lovely semi-sheer peachy lip gloss with a golden sheen. This is lovely over lip liner, another lipstick, or even just on it’s own. It’s very comfortable to wear and leaves my lips feeling somewhat hydrated. As the glossiness wears away, the golden sheen stays behind.

Echo Park – Ultra Satin Lip

Here, I’m wearing Colourpop’s Echo Park Ultra Satin Lip without lip liner or primer.

This one is a peachy nude. The satin finish liquid lippie does get slightly darker as it sets on the lips. This is a good warm nude to wear when you want something a bit more colorful than a My-Lips-But-Better shade. This one is comfortable on the lips, and wears away beautifully.

Top 8 – Ultra Matte Lip

This is a lip swatch of Colourpop’s Top 8 Ultra Matte Lip. I gave it a few minutes to dry down before taking this shot. I also wanted to show you the difference between the color it looks like in the tube and the color after it dries on the lips.

I think this may be my favorite color of the three, but it’s my least favorite formula in this set. Yes, it’s an ultra matte so it does feel a little dry after it sets. It also ends up about one to two shades darker then it looks in the tube when it dries down. (I figured it would be a good idea to show you what Top 8 looks like in the tube compared to what it looks like on the lips after it sets.) However, I love this terracotta rose color. It’s also really pretty and more comfortable with Tight Fit layered over top.

Would you buy this again?

Definitely! Even though the Ultra Mattes are not my favorite formula, they are a lot more comfortable to wear than other brands’ ultra matte lipsticks in my opinion. I also will keep adding to my collection of Colourpop Ultra Satin and Ultra Glossy lips whenever I can.

And seriously, if you like a metallic lip, get your hands on Colourpop’s Ultra Metallic lippies. They’re shiny, comfortable, and long wearing.

Have you tried any Colourpop lippies? What’s your favorite formula? What other Colourpop items do you have your eye on? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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