Skin Rant: Still Oily After All These Years…

They said my skin would start behaving when I reached my 20’s. They lied.

According to most skincare articles you read, all the “experts” say that your skin gets drier as you get older. Well, I’m definitely older. So why am I still so oily?

I mean, seriously…  I know, I know, oily skin ages more slowly than dry skin. I won’t have to worry about wrinkles as much as my dry-skinned counterparts. I will look much younger than I am for much longer.

That’s great and all, but I’m fighting wrinkles and oiliness.

Here is my dilemma: Products that are great for wrinkles and signs of aging are terrible for fighting oiliness; Products that are great for fighting/reducing oiliness are terrible for fighting wrinkles. It seems most American skincare companies don’t think you can have pimples and wrinkles at the same time. The products for oily skin are really drying, and the products for “aging” skin are super emollient, but not necessarily hydrating.

So, what’s a 40-something woman with combination normal/oily skin and anti-aging concerns to do?

Currently, I am using a mostly Asian skincare regimen. That includes double cleansing, hydrating toners, snail goo, ferments, essences, ampuoles, serums, facial mists, sheet masks, sleeping packs, acids, retinoids, moisturizers, dry-finish facial oils, and plenty of sunscreen. I don’t use all of these things all at once, obviously. My skin is clean, mostly clear, hydrated, and still oily. (I could go over my skincare routine in depth, but I’m trying to keep this short. Suffice it to say, I use products from Heimish, Hada Labo, Cosrx, Mizon, Benton, Elizavecca, and The Ordinary.)

I have pretty resilient skin, but this is ridiculous.

I am one of those lucky souls who can just throw a new product (or three) into my skincare routine without my skin erupting into a red, angry fit. Rarely does trying a new cleanser, toner, serum, lotion, gel, or mask make me break out. I want to figure out what I need to do or add to my regimen to be less oily and still take care of my wrinkles.

I use super-mattifying primers and matte long-wear foundation, and I’m still really oily by lunch!

I know that tackling the excess oil the middle of my face produces starts with skincare. But what methods can I use? What skincare? Am I double cleansing wrong? Am I not using the right combination of products?

I am willing to try new things. If you have a method you use that works (massage, dermarolling, steaming), please tell me. If you have a product to suggest, I have two parameters for new products: They should come from Asian skincare companies (preferably), and they should cost $20 or less per product. I am totally open to suggestions here.

Are you in your 40’s and still dealing with oily skin? Do you have a secret method/Holy Grail product that keeps your oils in check? If you do, please tell me in the comments below. I would love to try your method/suggested product!

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