Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell-Pore Perfect Wine Sparkling Peeling Pad

Holy crap! I’m finally writing about a beauty product on this beauty blog.

Yes, there’s a link to a product in the post title. No, I will not get a commission if you click the link. I know I have an affiliate link disclaimer in my sidebar. My blog is way too new for me to be apart of any affiliate programs yet, but I have it there to cover my butt in the future. You know, just in case. The links in this post are so you can click over to the the product and buy it if you want to.

Since I switched over to an Asian-based multi-step skincare regimen and began using mostly Asian skincare products a little over two years ago, I have used some interesting products. Snail goo? Yes, please! Snail Bee serum. Of course! Fermented essences? Gimmie more! Carbonated bubble clay masks? Who hasn’t used that?

Most of the the items I use come from companies based in South Korea and Japan, and are shipped to me in record time by Amazon. In fact, I would not have been able to make the switch to Asian skincare quite so easily if weren’t for Amazon. They have a pretty robust Korean Beauty section.

Now, over the past two years there have been items that I have ordered repeatedly because they’re good, they work, and I notice a difference if they’re not in my regimen. Then there are times when I go to the section where they show you that Customers who bought this, also bought this. If you follow those links, you will find some interesting stuff.

Enter Elizavecca Milky Piggy!

So while following links down the Amazon K-Beauty rabbit hole, I stumbled upon this. The Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell-Pore perfect wine sparkling peeling pad . I had seen the NeoGen peel pads, and those looked interesting to me. However, I have this thing about not wanting to pay more than $20 for a makeup or skincare product. So, the NeoGen peel pads were right out. At less than $20 for 30 pads ($17.99 when I bought them), I finally decided to give the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell-Pore Sparkling Wine peel pads a try. I mean, it has “Milky Piggy”, “Hell-Pore”, and “Wine” right in the name. Who wouldn’t want to try that?

DAYAM, this thing is HUGE!

Yes, that is a banana for scale.

When I first got my Amazon box, I couldn’t figure out why it was so big. These were just little pads you wipe over your face, right? Then I opened the box. The product was MUCH bigger than I was expecting. Really, I thought it would be half the size.

OMG, look at this packaging! Just LOOK at it!

View of one box side with Authentication scratch-off sticker. That’s how you know it’s real.

And, as always with Elizavecca, the packaging is super cute! Dirt and sebum droplets running to get away from the piggy pad that’s coming to clear them and a bottle of wine spilling onto the skin around the back of the box. All of Elizavecca’s Piggy products have a cute cartoon pig doing something related to what the product is supposed to do somewhere on the packaging. There is also a scratch-off authentication sticker on the box so you can look up the number that’s revealed to make sure your item is the real deal. (Counterfeit Asian beauty products is a real thing, folks!)

What’s inside the box?!?

Elizavecca even includes art inside the box!
Look at all that wine essence in there…

Opening the box reveals line art of the piggy pad on the underside of the box lid and a flap to open to reveal the product. What you get is a large plastic jar with a wine-colored aluminum lid. The image on the jar has the piggy pad and the product name on a wine-colored background. The gold metallic outline on the product name makes it seem fancy! Also, take a look at all the wine essence just swishing around in there. (Remember: this wine is for skincare, not for drinking.)

Unscrewing the lid shows an air-tight seal on the jar to keep the pads fresh. (That sucker was hard to get off! I had to use scissors to puncture it.) One video review I found online said that their Elizavecca peel pads came with tweezers to pull the pads out of the jar with. Many Asian skincare brands will include a tiny spatula with a product that comes in a jar to help keep the product more hygienic. (You don’t want to be sticking your dirty fingers in to your jar of face cream and polluting it!) I did not receive any tweezers or spatulas with this, but it also wasn’t in the description so I didn’t miss it.

What are the pads like?

Smooth side of the sparkling wine peel pad…
And the bumpy side of the sparkling wine peel pad.

Ah, yes, the pads. They are large, almost fuchsia colored, very damp, with a smooth side and a bumpy side. They recommend putting two fingers inside the pad pocket, but it’s large enough you could probably use three fingers if you want to. There is a slight scent, but nothing that lingers. The essence seems to dry on the skin fairly quickly, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long before moving on to the next step of your skincare. It helps if you lightly pat it in with your hands.

How do you use them?

Here’s what the instructions say:

Two pattern pads (both sides available) – Flat pad side: Effectively exfoliate – Embossed pad side : Dullness and uneven skintone care ★ How to used – Fit the Flat pad with your finger facing down. – After cleansing, gently wipe away any remaining keratin and sebum on the skin. ( Entire face & neck ) – Removing keratin sebum with a Flat pad When you have a clean care finish, use embossed pads to concentrate and moisturize your skin.

So, basically after cleansing, take a pad out of the jar and put your fingers in it. Use the smooth side and gently wipe the pad over your face and neck. Then flip the pad over and use the bumpy side to gently go over your face and neck. You’re supposed to be able to see all the dead skin cells, sebum, and debris the pads pull off your skin on the pad. Sounds gross, but in a very satisfying kind of way. Because it is a hybrid chemical/physical peel, this product should only be used 2 to 3 times a week, once a week for sensitive skin. Definitely NOT recommended for daily use.

So, how well do they work?

Um… so far, so good? I just recently got these, so as of the publishing time of this post, I will have used them twice. I will say that with the first use, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy these are to use. You don’t even have to rub hard. Just gently swipe these across your face, concentrating on the areas where you have large pores and/or roughness. Then flip the pad over and do it again.

The box says not to use these pads on delicate areas like eye lids. I used it on my face, neck and chest, as well as the backs of my hands. I was surprised by how much gunk was on the pad when I finished. I use chemical exfoliators regularly with mild manual exfoliation (think konjac sponge, manual facial brush) almost daily, so I thought there wouldn’t be much on the pad. Boy, was I wrong!

The essence dried down fairly quickly. Patting your face with your hands seems to help speed the drying time. Also, many Asian skincare brands say to tap/pat the product into the skin to help with absorption. It felt slightly sticky on the skin, but that stickiness went away after I put my other serums and creams on top of it.

Unfortunately, I was unprepared to take photos the first time I used the wine pads. I did think my face looked very smooth and fresh in the morning. I’m going to continue to use these Elizavecca Hell-Pore Sparkling Wine Peel Pads and do a full update here in about a month. Stay tuned!

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