Into the Blogosphere…

Whelp, I’ve done it…

I have officially created a blog site. I guess now I need to start writing about random things that interest me so there’s content here.

Actually, it won’t be that random. I decided to do this to supplement the YouTube channel I plan on starting. As a result, most of the posts will be about what the tagline says: makeup, skincare, and life at 40+.

I know there are TONS of beauty bloggers and vloggers out there. For some reason I have, at the age of 44, decided to join them.

“Why?” you ask. “Aren’t most beauty bloggers/vloggers young women with too much time on their hands and more makeup than they know what to do with?” Kinda, yes. I like watching beauty videos on YouTube. I like reading beauty blogs about products I’m considering buying. What I notice overwhelmingly is that there is a dearth of beauty blogs/vlogs by women over 40.

Seriously. Women over 40 like makeup and skincare, too! And we tend to have more money to spend on such things. So why are there so few of us on YouTube? Most of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube are between the ages of 27 and 38. I love watching these ladies and I trust their opinions about makeup, but we tend to have different skin issues we’re facing. Also, a makeup application technique that works for them may not work for me. (As an example, the way many YouTube beauty gurus pile on the under eye concealer. Works great if you have hardly any crinkles and wrinkles under your eyes, not so great if you have lots.)

So, I decided to start this blog for a couple of reasons. I finally decided I want a place I can wax poetic and make my opinion about skincare and makeup heard. I buy a lot more makeup than I should and I often talk to myself while getting ready as though I’m making a video about it. May as well publish those thoughts and opinions. Everybody else is doing it, why can’t I?

My second reason is a bit more mercenary. I’m seriously considering starting a YouTube channel, and in order to make any money doing YouTube to maybe help pay for makeup and equipment, I will need to use affiliate links. In order to join any affiliate programs, I have to have a website independent of my YouTube channel. (At least, that’s how I understand it. I don’t EVEN want to get into the new YouTube monitization policy here.) So, those are the reasons for this blog.

My plan is for this to be a platform for my thoughts and my voice. I will always speak the truth as I know it. I will also post videos here, too, so you don’t necessarily have to go to YouTube to see them if you don’t want to. (However, if you subscribe to my channel [ ], once I have a real channel, it would help me out!)

Anyway, here’s to embarking on new things in 2018!

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